Reaching Niche Audiences with Micro-Influencers

Photo by Ben Kolde on Unsplash

The Skinny

There’s a new sheriff in town and it’s the influencer with 1,000 followers. 100k who? When brands use content creators/ influencers, with smaller followings they create an opportunity to reach a more niche audience. These content creators with smaller followings are known as micro-influencers. The following of a micro-influencer can consist of anywhere between a few hundred followers to ten thousand followers. Two key factors in determining whether a small content creator is viable to be a micro-influencer is whether they have a high engagement rate and whether the content creator reaches the demographic a brand wishes to reach. 

Utilizing micro-influencers also allows for a more personal feel. Smaller influencers are more likely to have higher engagement rates with their audience. It’s much easier to obtain a 20% engagement rate with 500 followers than it is with a few million, at which point 10% is considered the holy grail.  In return the audience is likely to feel more compelled to support the small creator who is still in their “genuine phase.” Some influencers never leave this honeymoon phase of authenticity but others venture far off to the land of fake. Too many times have we seen the creator who’s “finally” reached 1mil behave vastly differently than when they first started out. People see right through it and engagement goes down. Sometimes they even unfollow or unsubscribe.

Influencer Marketing

There are influencer marketing platforms that connect influencers with brands. Think of it as an agent for an actor. “I’ll do the legwork on your behalf and I’ll collect a fee.” The platforms could have a database of anywhere from hundreds to thousands of influencers. Other names for influencer marketing platforms are influencer network and influencer marketplace.

Influncer marketing platforms match influencers with brands using technology. On the other hand, an influencer marketing agency has a team of people that helps with creative ideas for the brand and then relays that to the influencer.

“Agencies” Who Are Doing This 

Influncer marketing Platforms include Activate, AspireIQ, and Blogfoster. Read about more here.

Top 2020 Influncer marketing agencies include SugarFree, Obviously, and Go Fish Digital. Read about the top 30 here.


In the end, nothing beats the camaraderie of rallying behind the underdog. Micro-influencers, soak it up and enjoy. Because the next big thing is never too far behind, is it.

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